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Adding a package に方法が書いてあった。

Adding a package Data for the site is downloaded from proxy.golang.org. We monitor the Go Module Index regularly for new packages to add to pkg.go.dev. If you dont see a package on pkg.go.dev, you can add it by doing one of the following:

Visiting that page on pkg.go.dev, and clicking the Request button. For example: https://pkg.go.dev/example.com/my/module

Making a request to proxy.golang.org for the module version, to any endpoint specified by the Module proxy protocol. For example: https://proxy.golang.org/example.com/my/module/@v/v1.0.0.info

Downloading the package via the go command. For example: GOPROXY=https://proxy.golang.org GO111MODULE=on go get example.com/my/module@v1.0.0